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My name is August Jensen, and I provide experiential, trauma-informed, mindfulness-based counseling for individuals and couples who are seeking relief from life’s difficulties.

Mettā Therapy LLC


Is pain from your past, or worries about the future, making it hard to enjoy the present?

Mettā Therapy LLC


Do you find yourself on the brink of separation, wondering if there's any hope at turning your relationship around?

Mettā Therapy LLC


Are you struggling to deal with overwhelming emotions in yourself or those around you?

How it works



I provide a comfortable, non-judgemental, safe environment to build a relationship based on trust, non-violence, and unconditional friendliness. From this place, I help you change your way of being in the world through working with core material, such as feelings, beliefs, and memories. It is down here, deep in your subconscious, that I can help you discover the full expression of who you are and what is possible in your life. This process can be difficult at times, which is why I offer specialized training in the branch of psychology concerned with the alleviation of human suffering.

Transpersonal Psychology



Body-Centered/Somatic Therapy

Gestalt Therapy

Humanistic Psychology

Specializing in Couple Therapy

I am a level 1 PACT trained therapist—a transformational approach to couple therapy. Learn more about this method at PACT. This is a very practical, effective, and dynamic approach that applies the latest research in interpersonal neurobiology, the biology of human arousal, and attachment theory (how we form bonds with other humans), which teaches couples how to become experts in each other and their relationship. This is why it is called a psychological and biological approach—we use the all the information from the mind and body to foster connection.

Relying on love and good feelings about each other in a long-term primary attachment relationship will not work. Why? Because love is a feeling, and all feelings come and go, and are therefore unreliable. In PACT, we build your relationship based on shared values, shared ideas, and shared principles for how to govern your relationship when difficulty arrises. Rather than “we love each other” as a response to the question “why are you together?” we might say “in this relationship, we strive to do loving-acts towards each other every day, and if we forget, we acknowledge the impact of not following through with our shared principle”.

Stan Tatkin, Founder of PACT

Start Here


Have a question or two? Email is always a good way to get a conversation going.


Ready to meet in person? Use my online calendar to find a time that fits your schedule.


Want to chat first? We can do a consultation over the phone if you prefer

I offer a free, in-person consultation to see if we are a good fit together. This introductory meeting will allow us to discuss some of what you hope to get out of therapy, and provide opportunity to understand the type of therapy I offer.


Common Issues in Counseling

  • Individuals

    • Trauma
    • Addiction
    • Death and Dying
    • Grief and Loss
    • Anxiety/Depression
    • Spiritual Materialism
    • Gender and Sexuality
    • Psychedelic Preparation/Integration
    • You being You

  • Couples

    • Communication
    • Sex and Intimacy
    • Finances
    • Parenting
    • Emotional Fluency
    • Power struggles
    • Lifestyles
    • In-laws and families
    • Infidelity and commitment

About Me

August Jensen Therapist in Hood River

Hi, I’m August Jensen.

As a graduate of Naropa University, I offer a compelling approach to therapy that draws on traditional western psychology, as well as the eastern practices and philosophy of Buddhism.

However, while therapy methods and skills are useful to have, nothing is more important than the counseling relationship. I don’t have any magic tricks or miracle cures — I just really care about helping people live more fully in their body and mind.