Transformative couple counseling in Hood River, White Salmon, and the Gorge

Mettā means: happiness is available, please help yourself to it

Experiential Couseling

This means we pay attention to what’s happening right now in your life – your sensations, feelings, emotions, thoughts and memories, and what you believe about the world inside and outside you.

Couple counseling transforming the mind
Couple Counseling Services Hood River

Mindfulness-Based Counseling

This is how we are able to pay attention to our own experience, using the natural attention in the mind. Awareness is always and already available. We practice return our attention to our experience, thousands of times.

Specializing in Couple Counseling

Unlocking the bonds that build lasting love.

With a passion for connection and a specialized focus on attachment theory and relational neurobiology, I am dedicated to guiding couples on their journey towards deeper understanding, secure attachment, and harmonious partnership. Together, we’ll unravel the intricacies of your unique dynamic, nurturing a relationship grounded in empathy, trust, and effective communication.

Providing professional consultation for therapists

Private practice is, I think, one of the more rewarding jobs available. What an incredible thing to witness the intimate and tender lives of so many people. But it can be challenging, isolating, and discouraging. Having a regular professional consultation has, and always will be, an essential aspect of maintaining our capacity to show up, day after day.

  • Guidance for working with difficult clients
  • Networking
  • Brief case conceptualization
  • Self-process
  • Private practice and business coaching
  • Rediscover meaning and purpose

Couple Counseling Consultation for therapists